Nico Rosberg and Nick De Vries on track in Lonato
In December 2009 Nico Rosberg and Nick De Vries conducted a test day in Lonato track with the Zanardi chassis.

Giuliano Niketas new pilot Chiesa Corse
GIULIANO NICETO The Italian team will be part of CORSE Chiesa official in the KF3 category for the 2010 season.

2009 SEASON successful
E 'with a hint of emotion that Nick De Vries, to the final round of the WSK Lonato, concluded a season in which he clearly stamped its authority in KF3, the category of kart drivers from 13 to 15 years. European Champion, German Champion and winner of WSK: The Netherlands was....

"My kingdom for a lasagna" Alex Zanardi interview with Lewis Hamilton
In issue 9.13 of Sport Week - the weekly "La Gazzetta dello Sport" - Alex Zanardi talks about his trip to England to interview Lewis Hamilton. A long chat where the English champion talks about his career and two years lived in Padua: " Apart from Ron Dennis, the most important person was ... Dino Chiesa . "

Fantastic catch (and win) on the frame of Sotaro Mimura Zanardi
Party for the last engine failure in the pre-final, the Japanese driver remounted all positions in the final race of the Japanese Championship (Final Round Championship in Suzuka, Japan) in the KF1 class.

E 'unprecedented feat that David Da Luz (Zanardi-Parilla) made at the Spanish circuit of Alcaniz. The young hope of Portugal won the biggest race of the season in the KF2 category, which has invested body and soul in 2009. After a weekend without any errors led to an infernal pace, at the age of 16 he won the World Cup in Karting!

A World Cup within reach
After winning the European Championship and the 2009 German Champion, Nick De Vries was about to get its first consecration world on the track of Sarno (Italy) the first week of September. Unfortunately, a small technical error had grave consequences and relegated the fastest of the race in fifth place in the World Cup KF3.

A well deserved German title
Already crowned German KF3 Championship in 2008, Nick De Vries has retained the title with his usual talent. Indeed, the young Dutch karting went undefeated for the entire season. Nine final nine wins, after getting the pole position! A fantastic result for this pilot Chiesa Corse. As well as a good omen for the next World Cup ...

De Vries won again! Third place went to Peter Hoevenaars
The two pilots Dutch Nick De Vries and Peter Hoevenaars frame ZANARDI they finished with a 1 st and 3 rd place in the KF3 category in the fifth test WSK held in the Salbris 26.07.2009. Nick De Vries very well face the situation in their favor in the fifth of seven tests that are the difficult WSK international series. The Dutch KF3 kart driver has encountered several problems during qualifying, but then....

Nick De Vries European Champion!

Nick De Vries has reached a very important point in his career. The young Dutch driver became European Champion KF3 (13-15 years). In Spain, on the run Zuera, dominated the race at the wheel of his Zanardi-Parilla and imposed itself on two strong rivals Carlos Sainz and Daniil Kvyat. But impressive was.....

Unfortunate hero
The fourth round of WSK held on the track at Genk in Belgium seemed to be just the right time for Nick De Vries to regain leadership of the Championship KF3. The Dutch driver and his Zanardi-Parilla are currently in the best condition el'hanno shown fighting for victory in both wet and dry conditions. Winner in the pre-final, Nyck could prevail in the final, to add another success to his already long list of victories, but one of his rivals eliminated from...

Seven podiums in a row!
Rarely has a kart driver made a similar start to the season at international level. In 10 races, Nick De Vries has won eight podiums, including seven in a row, and won at least six races! At the wheel of his Zanardi-Parilla KF3 Chiesa Corse Team, the Junior Dutch rider finished second at Suzuka, in the opening round of the World Cup in Japan, and came first in the second round ....

CIK-FIA - European Championship KF2 and KF3: high percentage of qualified Zanardi chassis.
In the 3 qualifying races (Genk, Angerville, Soznova) of the European Championship KF2-KF3 , the percentage of qualified pilots with Zanardi chassis is almost 39% of those enrolled (7 out of 18). A remarkable result that puts the Zanardi chassis in third place, ahead of companies with a greater number of frames recorded...

Another podium for Da Luz!
The race to qualify for the European KF2 Championship is always a very important test during the season, because it determines the presence of a pilot in the European finals and possibly the World Cup. Concentrate on your goal, David Da Luz has not failed to show on this occasion. Author of a recovery from an anthology, the hope of the Portuguese motor racing took second place on the podium after a breathtaking performance....

At the top level European
After his recent victories at the Belgian and German as well as in WSK, the Junior Nick De Vries earned his fourth consecutive victory in the KF3 category fought . On the trail of Genk (Belgium), May 3, the Dutch dominated the karting rivals. For Nyck, this new international success has a special flavor, since the European Championship qualifying match...

A strong willed Victory
Nick De Vries has achieved success in this new WSK, KF3, by force of will, determination and talent that characterize it, but also with the help of his team, which has blended the best ingredients and found the set-up winner for this pilot. The karting Dutch took the opportunity and achieved an excellent result in view of the WSK provisional ranking (which holds the title)...

Two races, two podiums

A strong level of performance in steady growth in recent months, David Da Luz aspired to the podium in a large international trial for several months. At the French Championship in Angerville, where he came to prepare his debut at the European Championship, the Portuguese reached one of its objectives successfully concluded in third place in two rounds of 28 and 29 March.

New Horizons for Da Luz
Already holds a rich collection in his country, the Portuguese karting David Da Luz is exposed on the international scene in 2008 in KF3 (Junior). This season he expects a challenge worthy of its determination, as it climbed one step up opting for KF2. And with the new colors ...

First race and first victory in 2009!
Nick De Vries started the 2009 season in the WSK Series just as it did last year, with a success! On 8 February, on the track of La Conca, karting Dutch won the KF3 final after a fight with other drivers. Winner in 2008, WSK, Nyck is already at the top of the provisional standings of the Championship ...