Alex Zanardi racing and Chiesa
Hello guys!
Nice kart, eh?!
I must say that Dino, Othello, Daniel and all the guys ran the Chiesa are doing a very good job and, well pleased, I am honored association with them.
That said, however, it is reasonable that we ask: "OK, but how you ended up together?"

To answer the question I have to take a dip in the past, digging with nostalgia in the memories of a career that I have unfortunately been more behind than in front of me. I have to go back to that time in which to get information on the kart, you could not simply connect to a site as it does today. I remember in those years, the only news that could have were those reported by "Autosprint" and I spent entire afternoons to review the same charts fantasizing about my future. I also remember a day spent walking in and out of the halls of the fair in Bologna, at the Motorshow in search of a kart that a friend had told me that he saw somewhere, that emotion when I found him! I "lustrai" eyes until the closing of the fair, imagining behind the wheel of that little sports car as I ran to meet my dreams.
Then one day, my father suggested that I purchase the kart as an alternative to the motor and the dream became reality.