Karting Suits

Each MIR Kart Suit is an artwork!

MIR works hard to ensure every kart suit is crafted and not merely "just made". MIR uses feedback from people like you – the real karters – to ensure our suits provide the best comfort, durability and functionality while you perform at your peak. And lets not forget, at the end of the day, they look damn good too!

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Rally & Race Suits

MIR Race and Rally suits are manufactured and designed with safety in mind. Yes, these are serious suits for serious racers. Manufactured of NOMEX material these babies will help out when things get really hot behind the wheel! Race and Rally NOMEX suits are also available in kart suit designs. Talk to us for more info.C

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Karting suit

Rally and Race suit
Colour Guide
The following colour guide is only an indication of the colours that maybe available in this product.