Digital tire gauge HIPREMA

Manometro digitale Hiprema

The Prisma Electronics has a new electronic tool, HI.PRE.MA. A digital tire gauge high precision designed to measure tire pressure. Designed and built for use in competitions, owns all of the electrical and  mechanical required in this applications. The feature that makes it unique is that you can store values of tire pressure for each wheel directly on the display. In fact, in memory mode, the display pressure values of each  wheel to be able to directly compare the pressure starting to tire cold and the pressure of a tire arrival warm.

The main feature of the digital gauge HI.PRE.MA. is the ability to store the values of tire pressure. It 'can be compared directly on the display  the differences between the pressures of starting a cold tires and the pressures of arrival, it is simple and therefore see immediate changes in pressure in the tires had. The gauge has the ability to store and display up to a total of 15 tests. On the right side is an example of how the pressures are on the display after they have stored.

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